We believe everyone in later life should be treated fairly and equally, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or health status.

Unfortunately this is not the reality for many older people living in the UK today. People frequently tell us about being treated differently because of their age: feeling “invisible”, talked to as if they are senile, or treated as if they are incompetent or incapable. Sadly, some older people experience a “double whammy” of discrimination, for instance being older and living with a disability, being older and LGBT+ or an older person of colour.

Launching in Summer 2018, our Ageism+ series sets out to learn more about the multiple discrimination experienced by older people today and celebrate the wonderful diversity within our older population. We want to call out discrimination and prejudice where it happens and find ways of eliminating it through policy and practice.

If you would like to contribute to Ageism+

We would love to hear from you! We can accept blog-posts, videos, quotes, images or infographics. In addition to the summer online series, Ageism+ will be Independent Ages’ key focus at Party Conference this year, so contributions have the potential to reach a very wide audience of policymakers.

If you would like to contribute, please have a look at the guidance that follows:

  • We have set an upper-word limit of 800 words and welcome concise, pithy blogs that are considerably shorter.
  • All contributions should be submitted to Independent Age by Friday 28 June.
  • We cannot guarantee that every contribution received will appear on our website, but we have every intention they will.
  • Posts should not contain commercial solicitations or overt promotion of products, services or brands.
  • Videos, images and graphics should be in as high a resolution as possible and as large a size as possible.
  • We will credit the author of the post by name and organisation and (where supplied) twitter handle and organisational logo.
  • Posts will only be edited to correct major factual errors, spelling mistakes and if content exceeds 800 words.
  • Whilst we are eager to hear a range of different perspectives on ageism and other forms of discrimination, we reserve the right not to publish content that we deem not to fit with the purpose and tone of Ageism+.

For more information on any aspect of Ageism+ please contact sarah.dobson@independentage.org or 020 7605 4457

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