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Coping with self-isolation

One woman we work with was interviewed about her experience self-isolating, with links to advice from Independent Age about dealing with loneliness. Read her story in iNews

Daily Mail

How to help an older relative who's self-isolating

Our Helpline was mentioned in a round-up of the best ways to help an older relative cope with self-isolation during the pandemic. Read the rest of the tips in the Daily Mail

Daily Mail

Don't base coronavirus treatment decisions on age

We signed a joint letter with Age UK and other older people's charities and organisations, calling on the government to ensure that any treatment decisions made were not based on age, but also took other factors into account. See the full story in the Daily Mail

The Daily Telegraph

Older people unable to buy supplies

Our survey of how older people have been affected by coronavirus found that large numbers of older people aren't able to get supplied such as food and medication. Read more in The Daily Telegraph

Yahoo! Style

Reactions to self-isolation

Our research about how older people are coping with self-isolation, including a comment from Morgan Vine, was featured in Yahoo! Style. Read the full story

The Guardian

Interview with Deborah Alsina

Chief Executive of Independent Age, Deborah Alsina MBE, was interviewed by David Brindle. Read what she had to say in The Guardian

The Guardian

Britain still ageist

A new report from the Centre for Ageing Better has found that ageism is still rife in the UK. Read the whole article, including the comment from Deborah Alsina MBE, in The Guardian

Daily Express

Over-70s told to self-isolate

A comment from Simon Hewett-Avison has been included in an article about all over-70s being asked to self-isolate because of coronavirus. The full article is in the Daily Express

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