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Daily Mail

Care homes worsen in 37% of local authorities

Our new report reveals that care homes have got worse in one in three councils. Read more in the Daily Mail

The Sunday Times

Rise in older people addicted to opioids

George McNamara commented on the rise in opioid addiction among people aged 60 and over. Read the full story in The Sunday Times


Pension credit changes for mixed-age couples

The broadcaster Paul Lewis refers people to Independent Age in an article on pension credit changes. Read more in Saga magazine


Government launches social care recruitment drive

The government has launched a new campaign to recruit over 100,000 social care jobs. Read our response in the Independent

Daily Mirror

Tom Watson MP on BBC licence fee consultation

Independent Age was mentioned in a column by Tom Watson MP about the BBC consultation on free TV licences for people aged 75 and over. Read more in the Daily Mirror

Daily Express

What ending free TV licences could mean

Our blog about the BBC consultation on free TV licences was quoted in an article about what ending free TV licences could mean to people aged 75 and over. Read the full story in the Daily Express


Obituary of author, Diana Athill

Volunteering with Independent Age has been mentioned in an obituary of the author, Diana Athill, as a way for older and younger generations to meet each other. Read the whole article in the Independent

FT Adviser

Impact of Santander branch closures

Santander has announced that it will be closing 140 closures. George McNamara's comment on how this may affect older people has been featured in FT Adviser

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