“Did you know, one in five pensioners misses out on hundreds of pounds’ worth of benefits they could claim?...if you do only one thing as a result of reading this book, apply for pension credit...in some cases, claiming just £2 a week in Guarantee Pension Credit can mean more than £200 extra in your pocket a week.” - Wise Guide

Independent Age, the charity which supports thousands of older people across the UK and the Republic of Ireland, offering information, advice and friendship, brings you Wise Guide: Life-improving advice for the over-65s. This is a new, free, resource for older people; whether you are retired yourself, are keeping an eye out for your older relatives, friends or neighbours, or whether you volunteer or work professionally with older people.

At Independent Age, we‟ve been listening to the needs of older people for almost 150 years. We know from experience that older people today face a whole host of different issues, ranging from loneliness and isolation, to bereavement, problems with health, a lack of opportunities and many others.

Janet Morrison, Independent Age Chief Executive, says: “At Independent Age, we believe there‟s lots of information that older people need but don‟t always get. That‟s why we‟ve put together Wise Guide. This comprehensive and concise guide draws on the knowledge that the team at Independent Age has gained over years of advising older people. We‟ve tried to make Wise Guide as user friendly as possible because we believe much of the information available to older people today is dense and difficult to read.”

Wise Guide is the ultimate one-stop resource to help the over-65s, whether you want to pay less on the train or find an NHS dentist; avoid a fall or get out of debt; install a walk-in shower or find a cleaner. Whatever it is you‟re looking for help with, Wise Guide will have an answer. Packed full of „top tips‟ and nuggets of advice, Wise Guide will help you to discover how to:

  • Boost your pension and cut your bills
  • Make your home safer and easier to manage
  • Join the online community without getting scammed
  • Stay fit, healthy and happy
  • Get out and about for as long as you can
  • Plus lots more.

Pick up your free copy today!

Praise for Wise Guide from people we support:

“This information is extremely useful, especially as I live alone and far from family.”

“The Wise Guide book is so wonderful and could be so helpful in many ways…I have passed the copy onto friends and they are delighted.”

“I think Wise Guide is marvelous as it’s usually hard to find the many government departments.”

“Did you know, fewer than 1% of older people become crime victims in any year. Falls are a bigger risk, affecting one in three people over 65 every year. But there are plenty of precautions you can take to avoid them.”

- Read Wise Guide to find out more.

Wise Guide: Life-improving advice for the over 65s is published in October 2011 by Independent Age. 96 pages. ISBN: 978-0-9562950-2-6

Notes to editor

Independent Age is a unique and growing charity; a support community for thousands of older people across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. We offer a helping hand from a trusted friend, tackling older people‟s poverty and loneliness by offering information, advice and friendship. For more information visit: www.independentage.org . Independent Age is merging with another older people‟s charity, Counsel and Care, to provide a broader range of services than either could provide individually.

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