Commenting on today’s Ofgem announcement and the impact on people of pension age, Morgan Vine, Head of Policy and Influencing at Independent Age, said: 

“Today’s Ofgem energy price cap announcement confirms a fear held by many in later life; we are facing a winter of despair.   

“The extortionate new energy price means that someone who lives off their State Pension would have to spend more than a third of their income on energy alone. For others in later life with lower State Pensions, the situation will be even more dire.  

“This price hike is not something older people can simply endure. Millions of older people on low incomes will be forced daily to make dangerous decisions. For many it will no longer be a choice between heating their home or eating a meal, they will be unable to do either. If the government takes no action, more people will die this winter because of fuel poverty. This would truly be a dereliction of duty and cannot be allowed to happen.  

“The government needs to announce an immediate package of support that is fast acting and big enough to ensure all older people who need help can afford to heat their homes this winter. There is no time to kick the can down the road to the new Prime Minster, millions of older people in financial hardship need support now.” 

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