Commenting on the government's immigration White Paper, George McNamara, Director of Policy and Influencing at Independent Age, the older people’s charity, said:

“The government’s immigration plans run the risk of perpetuating the growing staff shortages in the NHS and care for the elderly. Adopting a £30,000 minimum salary threshold would be a punishing and cold view of those who provide daily care for older people and some of the most vulnerable in society, and will only result in more people unable to access vital health and care support.

“Almost one in five social care jobs in the UK are currently filled by migrants from the EU and the non-EEA, increasing to two in five in London. Much of this work is low-paid, but high value, something the government has failed to acknowledge.

“The Government must make a commitment to ensure that social care roles are recognised in immigration policy, in order to protect those most in need of care.”

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