Commenting on the publication of Community Care Statistics: Social Services Activity, England 2015-16, Simon Bottery, Director of Policy at Independent Age, the older people’s charity said:

“Today’s figures reveal the real consequences of a care and support system in crisis. Around 350,000 people, that’s 26% of people over 65 who asked for help from their council received no assistance at all. Of these, nearly 100,000 are older people who were discharged from hospital and asked for help but received none. While some people with low-level needs may not need formal care and support, many do. We hear regularly from those left struggling to cope on their own despite facing really serious needs.

“What we are now seeing are the undeniable consequences of a care system that can’t manage the demands being placed on it. Budgets have been repeatedly cut, and there is a growing workforce gap in the sector. It is vital that people get the right support when they need it. Without facing up to the reality of the cost of social care, this situation will get worse, and it is older and disabled people who will suffer the most.”

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