In response to ONS report: Persistent Poverty in the UK and EU 2008-2013, Simon Bottery, Director of Policy and External Relations at Independent Age, said: 

“Although pensioners are less likely to experience poverty compared with a decade or ago, it’s essential we don’t abandon the 1.6 million pensioners still living in poverty today. Worryingly, almost 40% of pensioners experienced poverty once between 2010 and 2013, which belies the myth that pensioners are universally well off. We must do more to help pensioners escape poverty. We could make a good start by enabling the estimated 1.6 million - a third of pensioners who could be entitled and don't claim - to receive a weekly boost to their income through Pension Credit. On average this could mean these pensioners receiving £1,700 more a year or £33 a week. Spread across the year, this is the difference between being able to pay for a typical dual-fuel bill or struggling to heat one’s home.” 

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