What: A celebration of the best examples of coverage, across all media, concerning older people‟s issues, from news reporting, through to photojournalism and the best portrayals of older people in films or TV drama

When: Thursday 8 November 2012

On 8 November 2012, in a special Awards ceremony in central London, Independent Age and Barchester Healthcare will be celebrating older people in all aspects of the media. We‟ll be recognising the best examples of coverage concerning older people‟s issues, as well as the best portrayals of older people in film or TV drama and some of the best examples of photojournalism.

Known as the Roses, the awards have been named after an incredible woman called Rose Hacker who became a journalist for the Camden New Journal at the tender age of 100.

At a special awards ceremony in central London, we‟ll be awarding Roses for the following categories:

1. Best factual newspaper or magazine article about older people‟s issues

2. Best factual radio programme about older people‟s issues

3. Best factual TV programme about older people‟s issues

4. Best factual new media/social media content about older people‟s issues

5. Best coverage of issues around dementia and/or social care (Barchester special award)

6. Best provision of advice and information through the media to older people (Independent Age special award)

7. Best older person‟s character in a film, TV or radio drama (Gransnet special award, voted on by the readers of Gransnet)

8. Best use of photography to illustrate older people‟s issues

9. „The Thorn Award‟: worst example of stereotyping, factual error or misleading information in the coverage of older people‟s issues.

10.Overall award winner, The „Rose Hacker Award‟: best overall contribution to the debate on older people‟s issues

Nominations: We are now open for nominations. Nominations must have first appeared in the media after 1 September 2011. If you, or your readers, would like to recommend any entries for the Roses, let us know by completing our online form, which can be found on our website, www.independentage.org Janet Morrison, Chief Executive of Independent Age, said: “We are thrilled to be able to celebrate the contribution older people make the media. More broadly, we hope the Roses will encourage wider public debate about older people in society and the issues affecting them. This is our way of recognising and thanking those who have worked so hard to promote older people in a positive light, and to help bring some very serious issues to the forefront of public awareness.”

Mike Parsons, Founder and Chief Executive of Barchester Healthcare, said: “Recognising and celebrating the journalists engaging with older people‟s opinions and reflecting them without bias is what The Roses Awards are all about and Barchester is proud to be a part of this message.”

Notes to editor

For media enquiries, contact Rebecca Law on 020 7605 4291 or email rebecca.law@independentage.org

Why the Roses?

The Independent Age/Barchester Older People in the Media Awards, or, the Roses, have been named after Rose Hacker, the inspirational lady who got her first job in journalism with the Camden New Journal at the age of 100. Rose died in 2008, aged 101.

About Independent Age

Independent Age is a unique and growing charity, providing information, advice and support to thousands of older people across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. It has recently merged with two other older people's charities, Counsel and Care and Universal Beneficent Society, to provide a broader range of services than any of the charities could provide separately. For more information visit: www.independentage.org

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About Barchester Healthcare:

Founded in 1992, Barchester Healthcare is recognised as a UK major care provider that is committed to delivering high quality care. The organisation has adapted and grown, from one that focused on older people needing nursing care in high quality environments, to providing personalised support for adults of all ages with a range of disabilities.

At Barchester Healthcare we pride ourselves on our dedicated dementia care. Our Memory Lane Communities are designed to encourage people living with dementia to stay as independent and active as possible. We understand that no two people are the same and take a person-centred care approach, recognising and celebrating each person's individuality.

Barchester employs almost 15,000 people to care for more than 10,000 residents at more than 220 locations in the UK and is the only care provider listed in The Sunday Times Top 25 Big Companies To Work For 2011. For more information, please visit www.barchester.com

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