Independent Age’s response to ONS stats on the growth of Centenarians

Independent Age Chief Executive, Janet Morrison, said:

“The news there has been a stunning 73% increase in the number of centenarians is a massive cause for celebration. It certainly must be keeping the Queen busy, who will be signing many more birthday cards than she or any statistician could have imagined only a decade ago.

"It is particularly good news for older men -  there are far more men aged 90 or over than ten years ago, and women over 90 now outnumber men by just 2.5 to 1, compared to 3.3 to 1 ten years ago.

"These trends are expected to continue - it is estimated that half the five year olds alive today will live to 100. Yet, we are woefully under-prepared to meet the challenges – and indeed seize the opportunities – presented by population ageing. That was the verdict of an influential House of Lords Committee last year. It is the warning Independent Age has echoed through our new 2030 Vision report, which cautions politicians we could be sleepwalking into a crisis unless we take firm action to help people get ready for ageing now. Urgent action is needed in health and social care, in work, in lifestyles and in our attitudes if we are to adjust to an ageing society.”

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