In response to the ONS statistics on Health Expectancies at Birth and at Age 65 in the United Kingdom, 2009 – 2011, Simon Bottery, Director of Policy at Independent Age, said: 

"We welcome today's new evidence revealing how we can expect to live for longer in the UK. This is to be celebrated. But, alongside lengthening life expectancies, a person's quality of life and overall health must also be seen to increase. Any years people spend in poorer health will have significant new implications for public services and family life. 

"For men at age 65, in particular, time spent free of chronic illness or disability hasn't improved as we would have hoped over the past decade. The numbers of older men are increasing overall but sadly more of these men may in time need more health and social care support. Such evidence supports calls for a new approach to funding a health and social care system fit for our ageing population, one that looks to ensure people live healthier, disability-free lives."

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