Independent Age, the charity which provides lifelong support to older people on very low incomes, is unveiling a new brand to reflect a changing charity. From 19 July 2010, Independent Age will be recognised through its new strapline “for older people, for life”, which will be accompanied by a new logo, “the tree of life”.

A changing charity:

The change is driven by the charity’s broader strategy, which sees the charity moving away from the benevolent sector to a more holistic approach to meeting the needs of older people. The move has been driven by the demands of society in which the ageing population is continuing to grow and people are living longer.

Historically, Independent Age has offered a package of financial and practical support to the thousands of older people it supports but the new direction will now see the charity offer a broader range of services which put increasing emphasis on the loneliness and isolation experienced by many older people.

Janet Morrison, Chief Executive of Independent Age, explains: “Older people’s needs have changed considerably since we were founded in 1863. The old age pension and other benefits mean that no older person need experience the absolute poverty and destitution of the 19th century. Older people’s problems now are often not just financial – they are about isolation, bereavement, health, lack of opportunities and many other issues.”

Independent Age will continue to offer lifelong support but its services will now consist of a tailored combination of:

• Making sure all those the charity helps are receiving their entitlements from statutory and other providers

• Advice and information on benefits

• Befriending support from volunteer visitors

• Social activities and friendship groups , such as the new ‘Live Wires’ initiative

• Emergency financial support

• Social benefits of membership of the Independent Age family

The new services address the real needs of older people and can make a lasting difference to their lives. The changes mean also that Independent Age will now be able to extend its help to a far greater number of older people.

Independent Age’s new brand:

“Our new direction means we need to attract new donors and volunteers to the charity says Simon Bottery, Independent Age Director of Fundraising, Policy and Communications. “The new brand incorporates not just a new logo and strapline but fundamental changes in the way Independent Age presents itself to the outside world. We have carried out extensive research to ensure that the new brand is more attractive to potential donors and volunteers than the previous one and better reflects our new direction. It also has enthusiastic support from current volunteers and staff. ”

The new brand was developed in partnership with the branding agency Corporate Edge.

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Notes to Editor:

Independent Age

Independent Age is unique in providing lifelong support to older people on very low incomes. We provide information and advice, practical help and emergency financial aid through our network of staff and dedicated volunteers across the UK and Republic of Ireland. Just as importantly, we offer friendship and the chance to socialise to those who are lonely and isolated. Supported by Independent Age, thousands of older people are able to maintain their independence, contribute to their communities and enjoy a good quality of life, secure in the knowledge that our help lasts as long as they need it.

“The Tree of Life” Independent Age’s new strapline and logo explained

For older people, for life – our new strapline indicates that we offer lifelong support to older people but also that we help people to enjoy their lives.

The tree of life symbol represents the key qualities of Independent Age. The tree is presented as an enduring organism, supporting a closely connected, thriving community and incorporates the three brand values of Independent Age:

• Committed – this means that we are committed to the older people we help but also that we are an enduring organisation.

• In touch – this means that we are in regular contact with the older people we help and also in touch with what’s happening in the outside world as well.

• Vitality – this means that we aim to improve the life quality of the people we help but also that we are a dynamic, responsive organisation.

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