John Palmer, Director of Influencing and Engagement at Independent Age, on the news that the Renters Reform Bill may be further delayed:

“If the Renters Reform Bill has been delayed again this will be incredibly concerning to older private renters who desperately need change. We know that older renters are currently facing a housing emergency due to unaffordable rent rises, dangerous homes and anxiety around the threat of a no-fault eviction, so the Government must step up and do the right thing by bringing forward the bill in full as soon as possible.

“Our new report ‘Hidden renters’, published earlier this week, reveals the housing crisis facing older private renters and shows that this group are being put through an unimaginable level of anxiety due to the insecurity of their housing situation. Not only are more than one in six concerned that they could be asked to leave their home within the next year, but more than one in five feel uncomfortable raising concerns with their landlord, choosing to live in substandard homes for fear of eviction. 

“This power imbalance for those in later life cannot continue. Everyone deserves a safe, affordable and secure home. Being faced with eviction and the threat of homelessness in later life should be unimaginable, but it is the shocking reality for a growing number of older renters. The Government must commit to bringing forward the Renters Reform Bill now.”

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