In response to the new chancellor's fiscal statement our Director of Policy and Communications, John Palmer has said:

“Older people living on low and modest incomes were hoping to be reassured today, but frustratingly the Chancellor’s statement posed more questions than answers.

“Instead of ensuring stability, today only provided uncertainty. The review of the Energy Price Guarantee is extremely concerning. It’s no longer clear who will receive support beyond April 2023. Now millions of older people are wondering if they will be abandoned by the government and left with unaffordable energy bills and freezing homes next year.  

“We know that many people in later life are already making dangerous cutbacks on heating and food. Our own polling revealed that 65% of older people plan to use less heating this winter.

“The government must ensure that its new targeted approach from next year helps older people in financial hardship, including the 850,000 older people who are currently entitled to Pension Credit but do not receive it. 

“A fundamental, non-negotiable way to help older people’s incomes keep up with the price of essentials is for the government to uprate benefits and the State Pension with inflation. Today was another missed opportunity to offer this reassurance. Instead, millions of people over 65 will continue to live in fear that they will be made even poorer, when their budgets have been broken by the cost-of-living crisis.”

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