Independent Age Director of Policy & Communication John Palmer said:  

“We are glad the Government has acknowledged the struggles that millions of older people on low incomes face due to the cost-of-living crisis.  

“Our research revealed that half of those aged 65 and over have already cut back on spending compared to last spring, and our advisers are taking calls daily from people that are extremely worried about their energy bills and food costs. Those who were dreading the upcoming winter can now breathe a sigh of relief as this vital financial support will be coming their way.   

“While today’s announcements will help alleviate much of the strain on older people’s finances for the rest of this year, it is essential the money is received quickly and that long term solutions are put in place. The Chancellor himself referenced the low uptake of Pension Credit. If the Government tackled this problem, many older people living poverty would see a long-term increase in their income that they can rely on. Pension Credit remains the best way to top up the income of older people struggling financially, and it opens the door to other entitlements such as the Warm Home Discount. Until the government succeeds in getting Pension Credit into the pockets of those eligible, it is failing to support many older people during this cost-of-living crisis and into the future.” 



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