Deborah Alsina MBE, Chief Executive of Independent Age, said:

“We are extremely disappointed by the watering down of social care reform that is being voted on tonight in parliament. Those in later life and their families yet again face a future of uncertainty and anxiety, as many will face the financial burden of paying for care without the required means.

“This government assured voters that it would finally fix our broken social care system, by ensuring that those who need care are able to avoid catastrophic costs. Today’s change of direction means poorer people will be further disadvantaged by having to spend more of their assets than someone with significant funds and so risk losing everything.

“While the government backtracks, older people reliant on the care system will lose out again.

“We all need a social care system that enables people to live with dignity and purpose, and to achieve this, bold reform is needed now. We urge the government to listen to the concerns of everyone affected by this change, and stick to its promise to finally fix social care”.

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