Joanna Elson, Chief Executive of national older person’s financial hardship charity Independent Age, said:

“Older private renters are facing a housing emergency with hundreds of thousands living with the risk of unfair eviction at any moment. We know that in just May this year, around 2,600 were served an eviction notice, and given just 2 months to find a new place to live. Older people on low incomes have told us that being forced to move at short notice can feel like a colossal challenge. They don’t have money for movers, don’t have the strength or energy to pack, and struggle to find homes that meet their physical needs.  

“Our research found that older renters are so terrified of the threat of eviction that over 1 in 5 said they are uncomfortable raising concerns with their landlord, due to the fear of a ‘revenge eviction’. Often, this means they have no choice but to live in unsafe or unsuitable homes. This cannot be right. 

“The Government can’t let the clock run out on renters rights. It must bring forward the Renters Reform bill now. Over 400,000 privately rented homes have an older person living there. They can’t wait any longer, and neither should the Government.”

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