Commenting on the Queen’s Speech, Deborah Alsina MBE, Chief Executive of Independent Age, said:

"After years of delays and broken promises, we are extremely disappointed by the lack of detailed policy announcements in the Queen’s Speech to reform adult social care.   

"Many people in later life, and those who care for them, need a social care system they can rely on. We are frustrated that the can, yet again, has been kicked down the road, despite this government promising in 2019 that it would transform our social care system. Vague slogans won’t ensure people receive the care and support they need.   

"Over the last few months we have seen how quickly government can spring into action when motivated to do so, whether to re-open pubs, save summer holidays or stop breakaway football leagues. Similar levels of energy and commitment are needed when it comes to reforming social care for everyone who needs it.   

"We need proposals  that clarify and simplify what people are entitled to; improve access so everyone with care needs has these met; support our essential family carers; fairly spread the financial burden of catastrophic costs; and pay professional carers more while developing a clear workforce strategy.   

"It’s clear there are no quick fixes, and small tweaks won’t suffice. The government must meet the moment and deliver bold reforms to ensure that those in later life and their families can live with dignity, choice and purpose." 

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