Iain Duncan Smith turns 60

Independent Age Chief Executive, Janet Morrison, said:

"Iain Duncan Smith turned 60 yesterday (9 April). With only six years to go until the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions qualifies for his own state pension, let’s hope he is making all the necessary arrangements for a comfortable retirement. He shouldn’t just be thinking of his finances though – fingers crossed he’s given thought to how best to maintain his social connections to help stave off loneliness and what housing he needs to continue living independently for as long as possible.   

"Just as importantly though, we hope his current reforms, such as changes to annuity rules and the pension saving bonds announced at the Budget enable millions, like him, to plan and save for their retirement with confidence. This perhaps will be the best birthday present Mr Duncan Smith can give to others reaching their 60th birthday, so they too, can achieve security in later life."

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