Commenting on The State of Ageing 2020 report, Simon Hewett-Avison, Director of Services at Independent Age, said:

“The Centre for Ageing Better’s report shows that COVID-19 has highlighted and accentuated many of the challenges and inequalities that already existed for people in later life in the UK.

“Older people have faced a range of barriers when trying to maintain their physical and mental health during this crisis. At Independent Age, over the course of the pandemic, we’ve seen an increase in the number of people calling our helpline feeling isolated and looking for social and emotional support during the pandemic.

“We’ve also heard from people who had routine health appointments cancelled and felt their physical health was impacted as a result, as well as those who were concerned about the safety of attending their appointments and the risks travelling presented. Some also had difficulty getting through to their GP and pharmacy.

“The State of Ageing in 2020 is a stark reminder that without urgent action, health and social inequalities will continue to grow among the UK’s older people. It’s critical that government, local authorities and health bodies work together to ensure that older people are given the opportunity to live dignified and fulfilled later lives.”

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