Commenting on ADASS Budget Survey 2016 figures showing huge shortfalls in social care funding, Janet Morrison, Chief Executive of Independent Age, said:

 “It’s been clear for a while that English councils have been operating a bare bones social care service, but these figures underline just how severe the risk is to the future of this vital public service. Councils are facing a funding gap of nearly £1billion this year alone, increasing numbers of older people are missing out on support and care providers are increasingly exiting the market due to financial difficulties.

 “The Government’s attempt to plug the gap using the social care precept has been less than a sticking plaster, and hasn’t even covered the cost of the new National Living Wage. Amid all the political turmoil, we cannot lose sight of this issue. The crisis facing the future of social care in this country must be at the top of Theresa May’s in-tray.”

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