Commenting on statistics on Persistent poverty in the UK and EU: 2015 published by Office for National Statistics, Andrew Kaye, Head of Policy at Independent Age, said:

“It is a concern that around 1 in 10 pensioners are now living in persistent poverty, the first time there has been a rise in the proportion of pensioners experiencing persistent poverty in five years. With old age one of the biggest predictors that someone will remain in poverty and struggle to escape it, more needs to be done to tackle the persistent income inequality among older people in the UK. A benefit like Pension Credit can provide essential extra money to older people struggling in poverty, yet still a third of those pensioners entitled to Pension Credit do not claim it. The new government must do more to help pensioners living on a low income. With just under 2 million pensioners still living in poverty, no one can claim pensioner poverty has been eradicated.”



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