In response to the NHS Monthly Delayed Transfers of Care data for July, which show record numbers of patients stuck in hospital beds unnecessarily while waiting to be discharged, Janet Morrison, Chief Executive of Independent Age, said:

“Yet again we are seeing delays on discharging patients who are fit to leave hospital. These worrying figures continue to rise month after month without any sign of slowing down. It is particularly concerning that nearly 1 in 3 (29%) NHS delays occur simply because non-urgent NHS care is not available when people need it. This comes at a high price to the NHS, as well as the personal cost to older patients who are being badly let down.

“It is vital that all hospitals have a robust but fair discharge process in place to reduce the number of older patients being stuck in hospital longer than they need.  Alongside this the right care and support at home must be available so they can leave without unnecessary delay.”


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