Commenting on the news that a new council of specialists from across society will advise how best to use of innovations in technology, products and services to improve the lives of our ageing population, George McNamara, Director of Policy and Influencing at Independent Age, said:

“Ageing well is one of the biggest challenges we face as a country, yet embedded stereotypes and institutional barriers across society often result in older people being excluded when it comes to jobs, finances, housing and accessing public services. Sadly, many people in later life suffer discrimination based on age, have difficulties accessing appropriate housing and financial services, and lose involvement in their community. They are also hit by a social care system that can result in care costs that are catastrophic for themselves or their families.

“There is an overwhelming economic and social case for making the UK the best place to grow old in the world.  As well as breaking down the barriers that represent a societal prejudice against ageing, it is vital that we grasp the potential of new technology and innovation.

“The UK is well-placed to become the world leader in this field. It is vital that this new body looks across government, businesses and older people themselves when it comes to ageing, as all parts of society have a role to play.”

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