Commenting on a Healthwatch England briefing, 'What happens when people leave hospital and other care settings?', Janet Morrison, Chief Executive of Independent Age, said:

"There are undeniable pressures on the health and care system, and while this report highlights how these continue to grow, there can never be an excuse for some of the fundamental failings Healthwatch has revealed still take place. Some of the experiences set out in this report are deeply worrying and older people cannot be left in a position where they are being discharged from hospital without proper care in place. They must also always have their medications ready to go with them, and transport arranged so they can be discharged at a time that is safe and convenient for all involved in their care."

"There are welcome pockets of good practice, but the problem of delayed discharges will simply continue as long as the government fudges funding solutions that will work across the health and social care system as a whole. It's in that context, it simply can't have helped for the government to have placed so much of the responsibility on solving delayed discharges at the door of social care services when it is these very services that have been hit the hardest by cuts to their funding.”

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