Commenting on Shelter’s social housing commission report, A Vision For Social Housing, George McNamara, Director of Policy and Influencing at Independent Age, said:

“This report further strengthens the case for reform to social housing provisions. As highlighted in our own housing report, social housing has become more inaccessible, with many older renters being forced to turn to the private rental sector. This sector now accounts for a greater proportion of Britain’s housing stock than social housing.

“Too many older private renters quickly find themselves in a precarious situation of failing to find the rent or get the adaptations they sorely need to live safely in the comfort of their home. Our own research has highlighted how, for many older people, their experience of living in rented accommodation is characterised by fear of substandard living conditions. This must end and local and national governments must work together to address the housing crisis and invest in new, high standard homes that are suited to older people’s needs.”



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