Commenting on the announcement of the first National Adviser for LGBT Health, George McNamara, Director of Policy and Influencing at Independent Age, said:

“We welcome the appointment of Dr Michael Brady as the first National Adviser for LGBT Health. This is an important step in the right direction and will hopefully help start to address the needs of a group of people who are not currently receiving appropriately tailored healthcare, particularly when it comes to older LGBT people, whose needs the Government have acknowledged are not widely researched or known.

“However, this role is focussed on healthcare, but as the population ages, older LGBT people are increasingly needing social care support. We have spoken to older LGBT people who have told us that they are often made to feel invisible, or even mistreated, by social care workers because of a lack of specialist training and education. This needs to change, and the only way that will happen is if the government extends this role to include social care too.”


LGBT Health

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