In response to the publication of the APPG on Arts, Health and Wellbeing report 'Creative Health', Janet Morrison, Chief Executive of Independent Age, the older people’s charity said:

“The Creative Health Inquiry report makes a powerful case for the role of the arts and creativity in well-being and for a more strategic cross governmental approach.  Through its funding over the last 6 years the Baring Foundation has witnessed the impact of participative arts on older people - the sheer joy of taking part, the importance of being taken out of the humdrum and day to day, to being in the moment, to the expressions of identity and pleasure, reducing isolation and the wider social and community benefits.  It is so important that our aspirations and ambitions for quality of life in older age don’t just focus on medical and clinical needs but also engage every aspect of human creativity, joy and passion.  This can be in any setting, from the community centre to the care home, and across every art form.”

Janet Morrison is Chair of the Baring Foundation, Chief Executive of Independent Age and Chair of the Campaign to End Loneliness.

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