Commenting on the adult social care precept, George McNamara, Director of Policy and Influencing at Independent Age, the older people’s charity said: 

“The system is broken, in crisis and in need of urgent investment - older people deserve better.

"Raising the social care precept would be another sign that the government is looking at short term, reactive measures that will have minimum impact on the thousands of older people seeking help from their local authority every day. While the precept has offered short-term relief for some local authorities, it is insufficient. Tinkering around the edges means it is neither sustainable nor a fair option for older people, especially those with limited financial resources who will be affected disproportionately.

"Our own report ‘A Taxing Question’ showed that raising Council Tax will not generate anywhere near the amounts of money the sector needs. A move to free personal care financed by a long-term funding solution must be the way forward if this government wants to begin to solve the social care crisis that has existed for far too long. Whole scale reform is long overdue, social care needs a bold and radical approach to funding its future.”


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