Commenting on the Future Care Capital report Coping as a Carer, which detailed the contributions and welfare of informal carers, Catherine Seymour, Head of Policy at Independent Age, said:  

“With more and more older people expected to receive care at home, it is vital that the support informal carers receive is drastically improved. The negative impact of failing to get this right is catastrophic, as it not only affects the eight million carers in the UK but also those they care for, including older people. 

“Informal carers provide crucial assistance in avoiding emotional strain, maintaining continuity of care, and ensuring that the person they care for stays active for longer, thus providing huge savings to the public purse. All of this support is at the detriment to carers’ own health and wellbeing, and it is time that recognition and proper support is given to the hugely important work that informal carers contribute to society.”

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