The aim was to see the sun rise, however the weather had other plans……


12 hours earlier, just as we disembarked our bus taking us to the mountain, the skies grew darker. The thunderstorm overhead was just getting started, and within minutes there was a torrential downpour. With worried faces we waited for the storm to pass, which it did. Feeling confident, we started our walk from the 5th Station at 2300m up to our overnight cabin at 3100m high.

This walk was gentle and with the storm passing we were happily climbing our way up the mountain. Two hours later, just as the sun was setting I made it to the lodge for our overnight stay. The walk up had been fairly easy, how much harder can it be!?

At 1.30am, I was ready to tackle the last part of the climb up to the top of Mount Fuji. I was about to discover just how hard this challenge is. A little bit of light rain drizzle turned progressively heavier. During the climb, the rain was so intense it was difficult to see more than 6 feet in front. Coupled with the fact that I was getting tired through reduced sleep and lack of oxygen, I was starting to get wet and miserable. The temperature was reducing as I climbed thus reducing me to a cold shiver. However, I knew the top of the mountain was not far and I knew that sunrise was fast approaching.

With every last bit of determination I made it to the top, what a relief! However, because of the cloud cover and rain, the sun failed to make an appearance. This experience will stay with me for a very long time and to raise money for Independent Age was something so worthwhile. It was very satisfying completing a challenge that I have wanted to do for a long time, and I am so glad I have done it – however I would never do it again!! It really is as tough as people said it would be.

There is still time to sponsor me for the climb. The effort (and pain!) I went though makes every donation worth it, so please take time to donate money for a good cause at


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