Several months after moving to Glasgow, Joyce had a fall which resulted in a visit from the Doctor and her spending some time in A&E. As Scotland provides free personal care for all older people, Joyce received a social care assessment when she was discharged. As a result, she had four care visits a day and the support she needed with washing, dressing and having a meal prepared.

When asked what difference free personal care had made Joyce said “It was fantastic! I didn’t realise how tired I’d become - I had been eating ready meals shoved into the microwave, and now I could eat something freshly cooked for me! It was great! I also realised that I hadn’t been washing myself very well and certainly not had a shower for ages! It made such a difference!”

Joyce is supporting Independent Age’s campaign for free personal care because it made such a difference to her life. She wants to ensure others experience the life changing difference free personal care can make.

Our campaign

Independent Age is calling on the government to introduce free personal care. Free personal care has been available in Scotland since 2002 and means that everyone over the age of 65 gets the care they need provided free at the point of use.

Studies in Scotland have shown that free personal care has increased the number of people receiving care, and has enabled many more people to stay in their own home rather than having to move to a residential home. Scotland has also seen a reduction in the number of people stuck in hospital waiting for care.

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