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International Women's Day

International Women's Day

In the run up to International Women’s Day, Independent Age is drawing attention to some of the key issues that specifically affect older women. 

Older women and caringMonday: Caring
Older women are much more likely than older men to have unpaid caring responsibilities.
Older women and moneyTuesday: Money
Older women are more likely to be living in poverty than older men.
Amanda Thompsell teaserWednesday: Mental health
Older women with mental health problems are a group whose needs are too often overlooked.
Valerie SkeltonThursday: What do you think?
Do you think International Women’s Day addresses the issues of older women enough?
Valda JamesFriday: Celebrating older women
This International Women’s Day we are celebrating the life and achievements of Valda James, Islington’s first black mayor.

Older Women Rock!

Activist and spoken word poet, Leah Thorn, tackles ageism against women with poetry, retro clothes, performance and film. Watch a clip of her documentary.