It was a proud moment for the information team when we were told that we had achieved accreditation by the Information Standard - the gold quality standard for those producing health and care information. It’s a scheme run by NHS England, to give national recognition to organisations producing high quality information. Wherever you see its logo, you know that the information you’re about to read is clear, accurate and trustworthy.

It took a lot of work to get there, as the Information Standard demands rigorous production and recording processes and leaves no stone unturned in unearthing how you go about producing your public information. The idea is a common sense one really. If you produce all of your information in the same way: testing it with the people who will use it, using reliable evidence, and putting it through all of the same checks, it will all come out at the same high standard.

We didn’t need much convincing to apply for the Information Standard. We know that people use and trust our information - we now distribute more than 220,000 of our guides and over 3,000 of our more detailed factsheets each year - so it made sense to get the official stamp of approval.  And we’re in good company: around 220 charities and other organisations, mainly from the health sector now have the Standard, and many more are currently going through the assessment process. Our information guides are now proudly sporting the Information Standard logo, with the larger range of factsheets to follow.

We look forward to next June, when we will once again welcome the assessors and demonstrate to them that our information remains of the very highest standard.  

Visit the Information section of our website to download our free, Information Standard accredited information guides.



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