Right now, 1.9 million older people are living in poverty. One call to the Independent Age Helpline could be all it takes to save them. 

Every week, we receive calls from 1,150 older people who are finding life a real struggle. 

  • Tom, 71, was struggling with his health and felt cold all the time, but he worried about paying for his heating bill. Tom called the Helpline looking for advice and it meant for him hearing about Attendance Allowance and it translated on him being able to stay warm.
  • Monica, 87, was extremely worried of what might happen if she tried to get upstairs on her own. Monica called the Helpline asking for advice and she learnt that her local council could help adapt her home. 

It sounds so simple: a quick chat to point you in the right direction, but unfortunately the consequences of not making that call to the Independent Age Helpline and not knowing what you are entitled to as an older person, can be dire. 

Please give to our Helpline Appeal today.

Your donation could go towards in-depth training for more advisers, could also contribute towards running costs of the Helpline and finally, your donation could help us raise awareness of the Helpline so we can reach more older people in need and change lives.

In the last year the number of calls to our Helpline has increased by more than 700%, and we’ve no reason to think this will slow down anytime soon.

By donating today, you can help make sure that every call is answered.