Cost-of-living Fund: Round 1

In response to the cost-of-living crisis, in 2021 Independent Age awarded a total of £2 million (£1 million kindly donated by the Pension Insurance Company) to 50 organisations across the UK that work to increase the amount of money in the pockets of older people. This was achieved through maximising people’s income by providing support to claim benefits, or by reducing expenditure, such as by switching energy provider, getting housing support or debt advice, or considering social tariffs.

These grants ended in November 2023, and we have evaluated the impact that they had for the organisations we funded, and the older people they supported. Some of the highlights include:

35,635 older people supported

£13 million of benefits secured

14,793 older people reported increased awareness of the financial support available to them

12,343 older people reported an improvement in their financial wellbeing

  • The funding has been a life-saver for many. The welfare benefits service has been a much-needed support to vulnerable frail older people who are living with poor health and when their well-being is visibly impacted by the cost of living.

    Age Connects Cardiff & the Vale

  • I would like to emphasise the profound impact that the provided funding has had on our organisation's ability to engage with and support disadvantaged elderly clients.

    Somali Advice Link

Cost-of-living Fund: Round 2

In 2023 Independent Age awarded £1 million in grants to provide much-needed funding to organisations in areas of high economic need and with large populations of older people facing financial hardship. The charities and community organisations we selected to fund reflect our strategic priorities, delivering support to those most in need.

View the full list of the funded projects on the map below or download the PDF map

Funded UK projects and where they are

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