Give something up for Independent Age

Give something up for Independent Age

Conquer your cravings and give something up for 30 days

You could choose to give up sugar, alcohol, chocolate, crisps – whatever you most have a craving for! 

Ask your friends and family to sponsor you to take on the challenge. All the money you raise will go towards supporting older people. We recommend making your challenge 30 days, but it could be longer or shorter depending on what works best for you.

Why support Independent Age?

The money you raise will support people like Veronica. Veronica is 82 years old and lives in the Southeast of England. She called our Helpline as she was struggling with rising electricity bills. Veronica was relying on extra jumpers when she was cold instead of turning on the heating, to keep down costs.

The Helpline helped Veronica to understand more about the money she was entitled to. Now, Veronica is receiving pension credit. This is a crucial top up for her income.

By fundraising for Independent Age, you will provide a support system for older people going through difficult times.


How will we support you?

You’ll receive fantastic support from our friendly team from the moment you sign up until you complete your challenge.

We’ll provide you with:

  • a free Independent Age top to wear for your event
  • a well-deserved certificate, showing the amazing amount you raise for us
  • fundraising and training support from our dedicated Events team.

For more information about our events, call the team on 020 7605 4229 or email