Our community services team of dedicated staff and volunteers help isolated older people to re-build a fulfilling and independent social life and reduce feelings of loneliness.

We are focussed on connecting people aged 65+ with other people with similar interests and experiences. This includes connecting people with our own locally based friendship volunteers; activities in their own communities and other local services that can be of help.

Our community services are designed to achieve positive change in the lives of the  older person by listening to what they need and shaping the support accordingly over an agreed time period. Our overall aim is for people to feel better connected both socially and to other forms of practical help, information and advice.

We will provide an open and inclusive approach for people who:

  • Are aged 65 and over
  • Are chronically lonely 
  • Live within the postcode area where the service is being delivered
  • Have sufficient mental capacity (where dementia or severe memory loss does not prevent someone independently participating with the service and are likely to remember a telephone call or visit if booked two weeks in advance and do not have other highly complex needs)

Nottingham Community Services have received a high number of referrals. We are sorry that we won’t be able to process new referrals during April. The referral form will re-open on 2 May 2023.