We need people like you to make a real difference by increasing funds of our vital work in Essex and Newcastle. Working within a team of Event Fundraisers, you will help to inspire other people to support us and strengthen our ties with your local community through community groups, events and businesses.

Your volunteering will involve coordinating activities and fundraising events with fellow Event Fundraisers, researching and giving presentations to local groups and organizations between others.

Please scroll down for our FAQ's to give you an insight into the role.

If you're interested in volunteering with us, complete our application form and a member of our volunteering team will contact you. 

If you need any additional advice, please refer to the Volunteer Application Guidance.

If you have queries please email volunteer.recruitment@independentage.org.

We are delighted that you are interested in volunteering for Independent Age. Together we can tackle loneliness and support more older people. Thank you.

*Please note that you must live in the UK and be aged over 18 to apply for our volunteering roles.


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What would you like to do?

What will I be doing?

Event Fundraiser Volunteers will represent Independent Age externally, organising and attending events. You will coordinate activities with fellow Event Fundraisers and arrange fundraising events, including handling and banking the funds raised. You will also work alongside Community Champion volunteers to identify potential Independent Age supporters, and to deliver presentations to them. An important aspect of the role is keeping in touch by attending team meetings, catch ups and reporting back to the Community and Events Manager.

This is a brand new role to Independent Age and you will be part of the pilot, paving way for volunteers in the future and feeding back to us on how we can develop the role. We will try to do everything possible to make sure your volunteering with us is fun and fulfilling!

What support will I get?

Independent Age has a team of more than 1,200 volunteers across the UK. We have a well-established volunteer tradition and a Volunteering Department, with the knowledge and resources to make this a valuable and interesting experience.

In addition as an Event Fundraiser Volunteer you will have the dedicated support of the Community and Events Manager (CEM) who will train and induct you as well as being available for support and catch ups anytime you need. The CEM will also support you during events and presentations as/ when needed.

What events will I be organising?

The Event Fundraiser volunteer role is completely flexible and can fit around both, your schedule and interests. We encourage our volunteers to plan and organise events they are passionate about and that engage the community and local older people; these can includes tea parties and challenges. All events will be monitored and checked by the Community and Events Manager to make sure they agree and represent the values and ethos of Independent Age.

What support will I get for events?

You will have the dedicated support of the Community and Events Manager and the rest of the Fundraising Team who have a wealth of experience organising a range of events. We have packs and materials for events like The Big Tea and the 100in10 challenge. Likewise we have external presentations and resources you can take with you.

What type of presentations will I be doing? What groups will I talk to?

Independent Age is not as recognised as we would like it to be. We want to increase and raise awareness of the work we do via talks and presentations in your local community. These can be done to a range of groups, including but not exclusive to: Women’s Institute, Rotary and Lions Clubs. You will also be supported to research and look for opportunities in your local area.

I am keen on the role but don’t have much experience speaking and presenting.

Before you start volunteering with us, you will have a full induction to your volunteer role and training in delivering events and external presentations. We have developed presentations for you to use when talking to other groups with the key messages that we want people to understand about Independent Age and the work we do. We will also provide support throughout your time with us to make sure you are confident and comfortable in your role.

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