Too many people in our country feel alone. A million older people in the UK are lonely most of the time, and 3.9 million say television is their main form of company.

Independent Age volunteers help reduce loneliness through phone calls, visits, telephone discussion groups and more, enabling older people to feel more connected to their local community.

What’s in it for me?

People are quite often surprised by how much they receive back when they volunteer. The act of giving your time to help another person fight through their loneliness or social isolation can lead to a feeling of accomplishment and happiness. 

We provide volunteers with training and a dedicated support network. You will also be given the opportunity to share your experiences with other volunteers through our local and national volunteer events which take place during the year.

We will refund any reasonable out of pocket expenses such as travel, telephone calls or postage costs.

If you want to help more people tackle loneliness while utilising your skills and abilities, get in touch today to see how you can make a real difference to someone’s life!  

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Assessing Volunteer

Do you like meeting new people? Are you observant and have a talent for putting people at their ease? We have a role which will play to these strengths.

Our Assessing Volunteers visit the homes of older people to assess how we can help them. At a time when more and more older people are approaching us for support, Assessing Volunteers play a vital part in the application process, and enable us to reach out and help more isolated older people.

Ideally, you will already have some experience of befriending or working with older people, but if you feel that you have the skills needed for the role we’d love to hear from you.

Risk assessments are initially carried out over the phone. The Assessing Volunteer will then visit the older person to discuss any issues and identify the best way we can support them, or highlight when we are unable to help.

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Organising Volunteer

The Organising Volunteer role provides a unique opportunity for you to help us shape and deliver friendship support in your local area. If you enjoy team building, motivating others, and have a bit more time to offer, then you may like to consider this role.

Ideally, you will already have some experience of befriending an older person, but if you feel that you have the organisational and leadership skills needed for the role we’d love to hear from you!

Our Organising Volunteers develop and support a small number of volunteers who regularly visit or call older people in their local area, checking all is well with both them and the people they visit.

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Adhoc or specialist Volunteers

As Independent Age expands across the UK, we are developing new volunteer roles to better support older people. Roles include supporting new projects, working in our offices, or talking to the public about what we do. We currently have opportunities across different regions in the UK. We will update this list as and when new roles become available.

Two events volunteers

Events Fundraiser Volunteers

Do you have a passion for event fundraising? Can you inspire others in and around Essex or Newcastle?

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