People look forward to receiving telephone calls from Independent Age friendship volunteers. It’s a mood booster and helps people feel more connected and less lonely.  As a Telephone Volunteer you’ll use vital communication and listening skills as well as your patience, understanding, compassion and warmth, to build a great relationship.

You’ll find that your regular phone calls can be a great source of satisfaction and enjoyment for you as well as the person you call.  You’ll also discover that giving time to listen to an older person can, over time,  empower them, improve their wellbeing and help build their self-esteem.  So thank you for thinking of volunteering with us – together we can tackle loneliness and support more older people.

*Please note that you must live in the UK and be aged over 18 to apply for our volunteering roles.

If you have any queries please email or call our team on 020 7605 4255.


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