Our craftivism project instructions

To complete this project you will ideally need the materials listed below. However, this is your project, use anything you have to hand.

You will need: 

Instructions, heart and rectangle template, needle, needle threader and contrasting thread, plain light coloured cotton like calico, patterned cotton, felt or thicker fabric to create the back, ribbon and scissors. Don’t worry if you don’t have any of these readily available as you can use anything you already have at home. How about a new use for old clothes e.g. denim instead of felt and a cotton shirt?


  1. Download the template by clicking the download button below.
  2. Using the heart template as a guide, cut out hearts from both the felt-like and patterned fabric.
  3. Place the rectangular template and draw round it on the plain fabric in pencil. Choose your message and lightly sketch the letters onto the plain fabric. Make sure to leave a centimetre around the edge to attach it later. Your message can be the name of someone you want to thank, or anything else you choose.
  4. Thread your needle using the needle threader and use a back stitch to embroider the letters of your message. Don’t forget to start and finish with an additional stitch to make the embroidery stitches secure.
  5. Cut out the embroidered plain rectangle and place onto the patterned heart. Use a running stitch about 5mm from the edge of the embroidered rectangle to attach it to the heart.
  6. Now place the patterned heart message-side up on top of the heart. You can use a blanket stitch or whip stitch around the edges to secure the two heart pieces together.
  7. Either tie your ribbon into the stitches or sew it through to make it extra secure.
  8. Hang your completed heart in your chosen place. Here are a few places you could put it: a window, lamppost, door knocker, tree, fence post. Remember to take a photograph of your heart and post on social media using #VolunCheer.