This year, rather than letting Christmas creep up on you, why not start putting a bit of money aside today? According to the Money Advice Service, more than a quarter of people spend more than they can afford. Saving money now means you are less likely to need credit cards or have to borrow money to pay for your presents and turkey. Avoiding unnecessary interest payments will soften the sting of Christmas outgoings.

Fill in our Christmas calculator below to help you work out how much Christmas is likely to cost, and how much you need to save for it. You can print out your results. Maybe something to stick on the fridge?

Try our Christmas calculator

Enter each person you intend to buy a present for and then estimate how much you are likely to spend on food, drink and other expenses. Once you have put in all the amounts, the calculator will tell you how much you need to save and how long you've got to do it.




Other expenses

Food and drink: £

Travel: £

Going out: £

Decorations: £

Other expenses: £


Amount already saved: £

Total: £0

days until Christmas. (You need to save £0 per day.)

weeks until Christmas. (You need to save £0 per week.)

months until Christmas. (You need to save £0 per month.)

How much to put away per month if you save all year round: £0

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