My benefits have gone down and I don’t know why.

If your circumstances change, this can affect your benefits. Make sure you tell the office that pays your benefits straight away if your situation changes – they should be able to tell you if this will have an impact on the money you receive. Benefits can depend on a number of things, like how much money you have, where you live or who you live with, so it’s always best to get advice if you’re not sure how a change in your circumstances will affect your benefits.

Some changes to your benefits might be completely outside your control, for instance if they’re caused by changes the government makes to the benefits system. For example, changes to Pension Savings Credit over the last few years may have reduced your income. Call our Helpline to arrange a free benefits check (0800 319 6789) or use our Benefits calculator to see if there’s anything else you’re entitled to. Also take a look at our Moneywise guide for tips on boosting your income.

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