Winter Fuel Payment: Who can claim it?

You may be eligible for Winter Fuel Payment if you have reached State Pension age. You can visit to find out when you qualify.

In some circumstances, you may not qualify for Winter Fuel Payment – for example, if you’ve been in hospital receiving free treatment for over a year. To find out whether you qualify, visit

How much is it worth?

You’ll get between £100 and £300 each winter. Most payments are made automatically between November and December. The payment you get is based on your age, whether you receive certain benefits and who you live with. If you live with someone else who is eligible, the payment is split between you. Winter Fuel Payment is also tax free.

Go to for a list of the different payment rates.

How do I claim?

If you’re receiving State Pension or certain other benefits such as Pension Credit or Attendance Allowance, you should get a Winter Fuel Payment automatically. If not, contact the Winter Fuel Payment Helpline to make a claim on 0800 731 0160 or visit You only need to claim once – after this, you’ll receive payments automatically every year.

Cold Weather Payment: Who can claim it?

Cold Weather Payments are made if the average temperature is forecast or recorded at 0°C or lower for seven days in a row. It helps people on a low income with their fuel costs, so you might be eligible if you’re getting Pension Credit or certain other benefits such as Support for Mortgage Interest. You won’t be eligible if you’re living in a care home.

How much is it worth?

Each time the average temperature falls below 0°C for seven days in a row between 1 November and 31 March, you'll receive £25.

After each period of very cold weather in your area, you should get a payment within 14 working days. It’s paid into the same bank or building society account as your benefit payments.

This year’s scheme is due to start on 1 November. Visit to find out more.

How do I claim?

If you’re eligible for Cold Weather Payments, you should receive them automatically. If you think you should have received a payment but haven’t, contact your pension centre.

Next steps

You can find more information about Cold Weather Payments and Winter Fuel Payments at

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