I need to find a care home - where do I start?

Choosing a care home is a big decision, so take as long as you can to find the right one for you.

Start by getting a care needs assessment from your local council. This will look at the type and amount of care you need. After this, the council will carry out a financial assessment to look at how much you'll have to pay towards your care home place. If the council will be paying some or all of the fees, they should help you find a suitable home. 

If not, they should be able to provide a list of local care homes, or contact: 

There are different types of care home depending on how much help you need. Residential care homes offer personal care. Care homes with nursing care have qualified nurses on duty all the time who may specialise in particular conditions, such as dementia.

Once you've found some homes that look suitable, make sure you visit to get a feel for the place and ensure it's right for you.


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