This week (07-13 September) is Remember A Charity in your Will Week which aims to raise awareness of the importance of legacies for charities to continue their great work.


To mark the occasion we've got five suggested tips to help you write your will. 

  • Choose carefully who writes your will – getting the wording of your will right can be tricky. Although you can write a will yourself, we always recommend speaking to your local qualified professional.
  • Choose your executors carefully – executors are responsible for carrying out your wishes and it is a responsible and demanding role. Make sure you check that those you have chosen are happy to take on the role.
  • Make a plan of where you want your money to go – before going to see a professional will writer plan how you want to split your assets. Remember cash sums could devalue over time unless they are indexed to inflation.
  • Sign and safely store your will – a will is not valid unless it is signed in front of two independent witnesses.  Once it has been signed, store it securely and make sure your executors know where it is.
  • Consider leaving a legacy to charity - It’s a little known fact that most charities wouldn’t survive without gifts in wills. By remembering your favourite charities in this way, you’re ensuring that their good work lives on.

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