• Guidelines for blog-post contributions
  • We have set a word limit of 900 words and welcome concise, pithy blogs-posts that are considerably shorter.

  • Doing Care Differently will be Independent Age's key focus at Party Conference this year, so posts have the potential to reach a much wider audience of policymakers.

  • We cannot guarantee that every blog-post submitted will appear on our website, but we have every intention they will.

  • Blog-posts should not contain commercial solicitations or overt promotion of products, services or brands.

  • We will credit the author of the blog-post by name and organisation and (where supplied) twitter handle and organisational logo.

  • Blog posts will only be edited to correct major factual errors, spelling mistakes and if content exceeds 900 words.

  • Whilst we are eager to hear a range of different perspectives on the issues facing social care, we reserve the right not to publish content that we deem not to fit with the purpose or the tone of Doing Care Differently.

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