Independent Age has defined its requirements and assessed that either MS Dynamics or Salesforce represents the most appropriate technology for this project.

The time line for the selection process is as follows:


Request for tender documents issued

08 March 2019


Opportunity for discussion with Project Lead

14 March 2019


Deadline for initial questions 12.30pm

15 March 2019


FAQs document returned to all potential suppliers

18 March 2019


Meet the buyer event

20 March 2019


Tenders returned to Independent Age – the tenderer will supply a compliant tender including a quote, with a breakdown of components for the entire scope of supply. This will indicate likely ongoing licence costs as a separate item within the quote

22 March 2019


Shortlisted tenderers notified – up to three preferred tenderers will be selected on the basis of the tender assessment criteria. A development brief will also be provided.

25 March 2019


Development Exercise: A brief will be provided to each of the three shortlisted organisations who will be asked to undertake a development process with staff at Independent Age.

28 & 29 March 2019


Shortlisted tenderers invited to present at Independent Age’s London Office.

2 April 2019


Notification of successful tenderer

5 April 2019


Contract negotiation and signing

19 April 2019


Please find two main documents to assist your application below:

Next steps

Book a conversation on 12th March with the Project Lead by calling 020 7605 4493

Please email questions and submissions to   

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