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Credit Where It's Due

An older lady

Pension Credit is a vital lifeline to many. It is a financial top-up to some of the pensioners who need it most, and helps ensure that older people do not have to choose between eating or heating their home. 

With one in six UK pensioners currently living in poverty, we believe it is a scandal that this important safety net is failing.

Two older peopleSupport our campaign
Support our campaign today by writing to your MP - it only takes 2 minutes!
Graham, a man who receives Pension Credit, with his wifeOur campaigners' stories
Hear from our campaigners, who are telling their stories of how Pension Credit has changed their lives.
Two older people looking at the cameraCredit Where It's Due
Find out why we think the Government needs to reform Pension Credit.
Eve, a woman who receives Pension CreditReport: Ending the £3.5bn Pension Credit Scandal
Read our policy report explaining the current problem and the solutions we think could help.
A graphic showing coins being saved for retirementOur advice guide on Pension Credit
Read or order a copy of Independent Age's latest advice guide about Pension Credit and how to claim it.
An older person using a tabletHow much Pension Credit is unclaimed in your area?
View our map to find out how much Pension Credit is going unclaimed in your area.


As part of our Credit Where It's Due campaign, we spoke to Eve and Graham about why Pension Credit is so important to them.

Watch this video to find out, and see how they feel about the fact that £10 million a day of Pension Credit is not reaching those who are entitled to it.